Why do you love me?

If your partner ask you this question how / will you answer this?
Why do you love me?


Ok here’s my answer:

I just learned tonight from our Mens forum that we MUST love our partner UNCONDITIONALLY. Sounds familiar? I’m sure your answer is Yes but we seldom notice.

When your partner ask the question -> Why do you love me?
The correct action is to hug your partner and don’t say anything. Why?

If you attempt to answer this question it’s like removing the meaning of the word UNCONDITIONAL, since you will surely start your statement with the word…”BECAUSE” and the word because is conditional. If you will not start with the word “because” then it will surely be another reason and that reason is again conditional.

I love you BECAUSE…you gave meaning to my life.
I love you BECAUSE…you made me feel like something.
I love you for who you are.

Sorry, if I’m a bit preachy but seriously this is something for me.

If we truly love our partners UNCONDITIONALLY then let’s avoid…
the I Love You “Because”… and the I Love you “If”

Difficult? Yes, but this is how Jesus loves us 🙂