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Choose to see goodness in everything around you, and you’ll soon appreciate your life more. Choose to see the good side of every event, things or person in your life and you’ll never run out of blessings to count. Let love embrace your life as God loves you!

God’s Heart For You
Live as GOD’s Holy Temple
When discouraged fix your eyes on GOD
Happy New Year 2018
Merry Christmas 2017

God’s Heart For You

Think of it… You belong to a God who has no limitations. He is able to do things for you, be mighty in you, and bring blessings to you. His provisions are endless, His blessings are measureless, and His generosity is boundless. All that is in His heart (for you) flows out in waves of love. They are sent to touch you, to fill you, and to cover you. You cannot contain them for they are more than your mind can imagine, more than your arms can embrace, and more than your heart can hold. Now unto Him that is

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