When You’re Not Sure What To Do Next…

The New Year comes and we have high hopes. Yet soon after the ball drops our expectations can too. Reality hits and our good intentions can be dashed with one question:

What do I do next?
We look around and the possibilities can be overwhelming. So we freeze. Then life gets busy and before we know it the pages of the calendar have turned.
But it can be different for you.
What do you do?
The next thing.

Solomon, that wise king, said this: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might” Eccl. 9:10.
Here’s what I think is the smartest part: If it’s something your hands find to do it means it’s right in front of you.

What’s right in front of you today?
That’s where you start.
Stretch out your hands, open your heart and do one little thing.
Just the next thing.
You’ve got five minutes. Ready set go…

-Devotional encouragement by Holley Gerth