The Landmine of Compromise

I want to share this wonderful daily devotion from Dr. Stanley of InTouch Ministries.  Read 1 King 11:1-13

Carefully camouflaged landmines are deadly weapons of war. If a soldier unwittingly steps on one, he will suffer serious injury or death. What is true in physical battles is also true in the invisible realm. Deadly spiritual landmines are scattered in the path of every Christian. They cause major damage to unsuspecting believers who tread on them.

One such hidden danger is compromise. King Solomon is a tragic example of a man who was hurt by this spiritual landmine. God equipped him with surpassing wisdom to rule Israel and gave him the task of building His temple. Yet despite these blessings, his heart began to drift from the Lord. He followed his own desires and married many foreign women who led him into idolatry. His heart didn’t become divided suddenly. It developed through a slow process of bad choices that violated God’s commands.

Too often we think that one small step away from God isn’t that bad–after all, we can always turn back. But Satan is just waiting for that one step. As soon as you take it, he wins. Now he has a toehold and will redouble his efforts to draw you farther along the path of disobedience. From that point on, each step becomes easier. In short order, you are rationalizing that this really isn’t sin.

Compromise endangers in ways you may not realize. It breaks fellowship with God, and because you’ve ignored the Holy Spirit, your strength to resist temptation is weakened. Since unbelievers are quick to see hypocrisy in Christians, it also ruins your witness. Refuse to take that first step.