God’s Purpose for Adversity

I found this old devotional from InTouch Ministries while reviewing my inbox.  This is really very interesting topic and I encourage you to read it.


Have you ever wondered why the Lord allows tragedy, sickness, and other suffering in our lives? Part of the answer lies in the fact that we inhabit a fallen world; the sin of Adam and Eve altered God’s original creation. However, the good news is that God uses adversity to show us our profound need for Him.

The Old Testament saint Jacob experienced something that forever changed how he related to God. The Lord weakened him physically to strengthen him spiritually. In a similar way, God wants to use adversity in our lives to draw us into a closer relationship with Him.

Continue here (http://www.intouch.org/you/bible-studies/content/topic/god_s_purpose_for_adversity_study)


Source: Daily Devotional from InTouch Ministries via email.

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