God Gives You Unearthly Patience

For the past few days, I’m in a situation of thinking a lot – more on changing myself towards other people.  PATIENCE, is something that I have a limited supply and for some reason – I’m not reading all my devotional emails for the past few weeks.  But again, GOD IS GOOD – in His time, He will provide you the answer and strengthen your core.

I would like to share with you this devotional email from The NIV 365 Day Devotional.


Why does it seem that trouble always rears its head just when we start to make real progress? And why do so many difficulties linger for what seems an eternity?

Why are some people so annoying? And what recourse do we have when we can’t swap the irritating folks in our lives—family members, co-workers, neighbors—for a more congenial bunch?

When we’re in these kinds of situations, when we’re feeling stuck, restless and unable to change anything, we need the miracle of God’s patience.

The word the apostle Paul uses here—forbearance—is a word that means endurance, patience or perseverance. This is the quality of being long-suffering.

The next time circumstances put you in an unpleasant “holding pattern,” the next time an annoying person pushes your buttons, relinquish control of the situation and your own emotions and offer it to the One who has an endless supply of patience. The results really are miraculous.

God’s Promise to Me

  • Those controlled by my Spirit can experience unearthly patience.

My Prayer to God

I want to know your patience, Lord. Forgive me for getting irritated with situations and people. I want to be even-keeled. I want to be willing to wait for you no matter how long it takes.

Taken from Once a Day Bible Promises